Terms and Conditions

Returns Policy

If the goods you receive are faulty, we will replace those goods if they are returned to our warehouse within 30 days of purchase. Reimbursement for shipping expenses will be up to the value of the original quoted shipping cost.

After 30 days returns and refunds are subject to manufacturers warranty.


The privacy of your customer data, orders and credit cards are important to us. We will not disclose or sell your customer data to any third party. We will only send you email newsletters if you explicitly opt in.

Credit card details are not stored. Your credit card details are processed in real time by an independent payment gateway using secure encryption.

Delivery Times

We will process your order within five business days following payment in cleared funds. Payment by online banking cannot be checked until the next business day. We will send you an email notifying you when your order has been shipped. Please allow up to two weeks for delivery domestically, or six weeks internationally.


Warranty is valid under the following circumstances:

Valid for 90 days from the original date of purchase.

When bikes and scooters are used within normal operating conditions. If the product is used outside of that purpose, it will not be warranted. The bikes and scooter is not designed for extreme sports and stunting. We will not be held accountable for any damage that may occur due to misuse. It is the product user’s responsibility to examine the product on a regular basis to determine the need for service.

Includes the frame, battery and controller as a result of manufacturing defects.

Electronic components: All the electronic parts and the parts related to electronic devices are guaranteed within 90 days (from the original date of purchase); including but not limited to motors, controller, battery, wires, switches, charger and sensors. Battery and charger warranty does not include damage due to power surge, use of non-original chargers, lack of proper maintenance, used under improper conditions or such other misuse.

Bearings have a 90 day warranty (from original purchase date) against defects. Lack of maintenance and negligence can VOID the warranty on the bearings as this can cause bearings to deteriorate.

We reserve the right to physically and/or with photographic evidence to inspect the product in order to determine warranty eligibility. 

We recommend that the assembly is performed by a qualified bike mechanic.

Warranty is void under the following circumstances:

If electrical parts are damaged by water we are not responsible for repairing.

When electrical parts including battery, controller and motor have been tampered with.

Bends, cracks, dents and other such damage.

Stripped threads. This is due to but not limited to over or under tightening, or cross threading.

Bent handlebars or damage to use of bar ends or other accessories with metal clamp.

Seatposts that have been cracked, damaged or broken.

Wear and tear parts with the exception of manufacturing defects:  All bearings, dust seals, bushing, O-rings, moving parts, stripped threads/bolts, brake sleeves, chains, chain rings, sprockets, cassettes, brake pads, shifter and brake cables (inner and outer), handlebar grips, shifter grips, disc brakes, tyres, bearing races, derailleurs, gears, brake linings, shock absorbers, washers, corrosion, tools, etc.

Cosmetic damage/wear caused by repetitive use.

Finishes and paint work unless it is due to a manufacturing defect. This must be reported to M-Star NZ Ltd within 30 days of original purchase date.

If installed without the recommended fastener torque settings indicated in the User Guide.

Damage due to improper installation or adjustment as instructed in the product’s User Guide.

Damage from causes other than defects in materials and workmanship such as a user’s lack of skill, competence or experience.

Any labour costs associated with the removal, replacement or reassembly of the product.

Bikes and scooters are modified or poorly maintained.

The warranty is non-transferable and valid to the original purchaser of the products only.

Items that have previously been replaced under warranty.


If the product is not covered under warranty we can repair the product at the customer’s expense